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Updated August 2017
Welcome to our Fuzzy Lops. Our lines include Keye's, BT's, Old Orchard's, QT's, Buns Appeals, Brian's, Keefe's, WH's, AMR,Corbin's,Basetet's just to name a few. If you run across a bunny with Sugden's, it's one of ours.
Blue- Eyed whites are only avialable in Utah at this time.

tort fuzzy lop fuzzylop
Grand Champion Wooli Bun's Despicable Me

Reg #: B53N
Tort | 3.0 lbs
DOB: 11/03/2013
Sire: Grand Champion Keyes/Keefe Xfactor ( black)
Dam:Grand Champion Wooli Buns Zephie ( tort)
Show Wins:4 GC legslips
1st place Solid Jr B 2014 Open Fuzzy Nationals
1st out of 12, 5/4/2014 HFF
BOB 5/7/2016 MVRBA

Corbin's Bandito

Reg #: K677N
tort | 2.14 lbs
DOB: June 18, 2016
Sire:Corbin's My Funny Valintine (Black)
Dam: Corbin's Yen (tort)

Show Wins:2 GC legslips
BOB 3/25/2017 EIRB show A
BOB 3/25/2017 EIRB show C

 Blue eyed white fuzzy loplop  Bew pic comingfuzzylop
Sugden's SnowFire

Blue-eyed White | 3.6 lbs
DOB: March 8, 2017
Sire: Sugden's Gungho (tort vm)
Dam: Sugden's Raine (tort VC)

Show Wins:2 GC legslips
BOB 7/15/2017 MVRBA Open C
BOB 8/16/2017 DCF

Sugden's Olaf

Blue eyed White | jr lbs
DOB: Apirl 13, 2017
Sire: Sugden's Gungho ( Tort VM)
Dam: Sugden's Arendelle (bkn Tort) Reg. 2 legs

 Blue tort Vmfuzzylop
Sugden's Tailspin

blue tort VM | 3.7 lbs
DOB: Feb. 11, 2017
Sire: Sugden's Cloud Kicker (blue eyed White) Reg.
Dam: Corbin's Hayden ( Tort )

 Arendelle broken tort vc fuzzy lop doe Elsa Blue Eyed White fuzzy lop doe
Sugden's Arendelle

Reg#: K675N
Brkn tort VC | 3 lbs
DOB:August 27, 2016
Sire: G.C. Wooli Bun's Despicable Me (tort) Reg.
Dam: Sugden's Elsa (blue-eyed white) 4 legs

Show Wins:2 GC legslips
BOB 3/25/17 EIRB show B
BOB 8/2/2017 SLCF

Sugden's Elsa

Blue Eyed White | 3.0lbs
DOB: Dec. 30 2015
Sire: Sugden's Gungho ( tort VM)
Dam: Sugden's Lilbew (brkn Black VC)

Show Wins: 4 GC legslips
Best of Breed 5/7/16 MVRBA
Best of Breed RRU OA 6/25/2016
Best of Breed RRU OB 6/25/2016
Best of Breed RRU OC 6/25/2016

  tort vc Fuzzylop  fuzzylop
Sugden's Edith

DOB:April 23, 2017
Sire: G.C. Wooli Bun's Despicable Me (tort) Reg.
Dam: Clypso (brkn Blue tort) FH

Sugden's Ariel

Broken Orange VC |3.6 lbs
DOB:Janurary 23,3017
Sire: Roth's Prince Charming (bew FH)
Dam: Clypso ( Broken Blue tort FH)

Show Wins: 1 GC legslips
Best of Breed 7/15/17 MVRBA

   fuzzy lop doe  chestnut fuzzy lop doe
Corbin's Hayden

Tort | 4 lbs
DOB: Janurary 16, 2016
Sire: Corbin's Colbalt II ( Blue)
Dam: Corbin's Haze (Tort)

Sugden's Latara

Chestnut | 3 lbs
DOB: November 29, 2016
Sire: G.C. Wooli Bun's Despicable Me (tort) Reg.
Dam: Laplop's Twigly (Chestnut) Reg.

Show Wins:1 GC legslip
BOB 7/15/17 MVRBA Open A

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